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Greatest Treasure
Where are the greatest treasures to find?
Is it in the heavens jewels of another kind?
Look up to the vast starlit mysterious night.
The peace of midnight's wonder fills the eyes.
The patient world of man when slumber sighs.
A silent winter's snow swirls in the wind.
The Moonbeams cast reflections in all directions.
Lift on high to pass the wounded affections tie.
Who will grieve the emptiness as fallen stars drift by?
Leave the Earth to meet the thrill of cosmos chill.
In sweet embrace, space returns to terrestrial grace.
Asteroids miss our globe in its dust-filled strobe.
Back to worldly things where the dreams of dreamers become real.
Back to the Earthly hour's which forms the swords of warrior's steel.
When peace can live in the hearts of mankind,  that will be the greatest treasure we find.
When peace becomes the richest gem to all mankind.
When war no longer thrives, and peace gives hope to all who lives.

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Greatest Treasure