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He's a lip service Christian
As, both openly and by stealth,
He avoids paying his taxes to
Amass more and more wealth.
He stands there in judgement of
the poor and the oppressed
And as his income daily rises
they get less and less and less.
He manipulates the system
To pay a barely existence wage,
Destroys workers rights
Stage by stage by stage.

He despises the Unions,
The hope of the working class,
And he'll not be satisfied until
He's destroyed them all at last.
From a world of wealth and privilege,
Associating only with his kind,
He manipulates the media to
Create a servile state of mind.
He's created a system so that
In spite of past historic losses
So many of the workers still
Raise their caps to the bosses.

He and his brotherhood rule
And make no attempt
To conceal they regard
The poor with contempt.
They control the governance
Each of their native land
And Globe trot their world
An elite, unrepentant  band.
Lip service Christians in public
So full of prejudice and hate.
As they and their ilk pillage and rob
To make their own utopian state.

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