Tattoos in Mayberry

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Don't put me on trial
then swing your gavel
Teach me to fly
I love to travel.
I could be on 24 hour call
as your trusty wing man
on the ball.
with a flexible or solid plan.
Your Johnny on the spot.
Two extra hands.
revving our  jets
on your runway line.
for far too long.
Engine's running hot
up in the stratosphere,
playing our song.
pull up on the stick.
and be outta here..
10,000 feet high

sucking down a beer,
Up there in the quick
and climbing
all my mission bells are chiming.
when maximum Elevation kicks in
 We'll fast leave  behind
the cruel world below us
trapped in their glue
that's stickin'.
Hand me the wheel.
don't give me the brush.
counting down to
take off on your airbus..
don't forget my parachute. 
you wouldn't do your 
new best buddy like some
old toothless coot.
So, please
start your engines
and take me aloft
motors are revvin.
up on high in 
a true blue sky.
All's forgiven,
if you just teach me
how to fly
All rights reserved as is by author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Teach Me How To Fly