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Just heard a Tory MP publicly state that he, like most MPs, entered Parliament out of patriotism.  Hmmm.  Really???

Oh it's tax breaks for the rich
Austerity for the poor
And still the High Tory Party I
Somehow maintains its allure.
As the food banks expand
And Benefit claimants die
I can only shake my head
And ask for heaven sake why.

Have we lost our fighting spirit?
Do we have a slavish streak
That metaphorically makes us
Tip our flat cap's peak
To those that oppress us,
Who, no longer by stealth,
Openly and audaciously
Daily amass more wealth?

They  raise two fat fingers
At the worlds condemnation
As they reduce the poor to
Status of a Third World Nation.
When did the British people start
To laud those living off the hog
While they are being reduced to
Status of a well whipped dog.

Is it something added to  our water
That accounts for that old old story
Of  downtrodden poorer classes
Still electing  the fat rich Tory
When did this masochistic streak
Become so prevalent in our Nation
When did we start to indulge in
Political self flagellation?

The Queen's still in her palace,
Things continues just the same
And the masses just accept it
Much to their  shame
So, it's tax breaks for the rich
Austerity for the poor,
While the High Tory Party
Still  maintains its allure.

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