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Evora 2

Evora 2

I don't know the meaning
But I am going towards it
My instinct pushes me
The seat I've taken up behind my eyes
My spring is coming early
It inserts itself back
Into me
I can't shape the meaning
Because I have no mould to pour it into
I'll grow no roses in these absurd thoughts
Unless it is the prick of the last instinct
That's how you penetrated into my veins, Evora
Going slowly
Bring me back, bodily
Form the footsteps on the pathways
Bring me back with a fragrance
Walking in your garden
Remembering all the names
Blow your soul into my body
So the deer in me can leap above the grass growing in my joints
So that my body can break out and watch the shuddering all about me
Nothing is so worn out that you must flee from it
And at the end of every horizon
Is a meeting place

Obaida Kotainy

Translated by: Dr Gilbert Ramsay

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Evora 2