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A Hope of Tomorrow

A small fairy walked alone searching for family and friends,
her journey wants to end.
A single dove followed her with watchful eyes from above.
This graceful bird was made of love.

The dove touched down one day, to invite the fairy to wholesome play.
The fairy sprouted wings, and the forest starts to sing.
The dove becomes the fairy's friend, as her footprints end.
Now she soars on high with the loving kingdom of the sky.

Life did not pass her by, she simply was meant to fly.
The land of make-believe becomes her home.
The fairy no longer roams.
Dancing on suns rays, she lives in Springtime days.

This fairy has the wings of love's array.
It would be fair to say, her peaceful heart shines in play.
Come watch her flight reveal a light surreal.
The hope of tomorrow you're sure to feel.

©Allseasonsverse May 17th, 2019
All Rights Reserved

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A Hope for Tomorrow