Tattoos in Mayberry

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You don't know this burnin' sadness
that I feel
And you can't see beneath 
my fragile smile
the hurt I must conceal
I'll keep setting course
for your promise lands
Your promised lands
adrift and rudderles
at sea.

Still, I can't quite believe
you know what's best
for a wayward child like me. 

 you smell oh so good 
with a kiss that's sweet
One night with you
could be the shot I need...
Still, how can I believe even as 
you sheltered me when I doubted this 
world held anything but sorrow.
My slate you cleansed clean
of  done wrong yesterdays 
so I might face tomorrow. 
I bear witness
to the sweetest love
you tried to give to the likes of me.
adrift and rudderless at sea
Still, I can't  quite believe
you know what's best
for a wayward child
a wayward child
a wayward child 
like you and me.


Rudderless without any plans
The Sun's gone down 
 still diggin for clams.
in this broken Town.
without any plans.
and broken deals
dragged along
broken down
under the wheels.
it's barely a living
to be
, stuck in this muck
and shi' outta luck
 another schmuck
in  broken town.

All rights reserved as is by author.

Buddy Bee Anthony

Buddy Bee Anthony
All rights reserved

All rights reserved as is by author May 17th 2019 
Buddy Bee Anthony songs.

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Broken Town