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~~~from the "Dig My Own Grave Series"~~
["Dig My Own Grave" is a series of writings in a reflection of mental preparation...
~~~Each scoop of dirt rids the mess where I'm to be finally laid to rest~~~]

*****[GOT introduced a concept to which my interpretation is as such]

There they are__ made each day no shame, no disgrace...
Constant reminders of who controls the human race.

We wake up every morning and get hot on the chase...
gotta get the God with big numbers on his face...
gotta hurry along... got no time to waste...
gotta be first in line anyhow in any case.

Jamming down my food, pimping my style in great haste...
no time to pull up my pants or tie up my shoelace....
grabbing coke and candy_ gotta keep up the pace...
sodas, coffee, caffeine_ smoking crack-free base.

Looking up in the air, and down in any space_ ....
over here or there_ for he could be any place....
cheating through life_ up my sleeve_ a spare ace....
lies are the present and truth is gone without a trace.

There they are__ made each day no shame, no disgrace...
constant reminders of who controls the human race.
persisting un regrettable unabatedly to abase...
our raped souls_ with anything antidepressant laced.


Chasing The Many Faced God



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