The journey of thousand kilometers

The journey of thousand kilometers
Is not far is not bores if friends are there
On the bus felt like a flight
Dawn light scatters in the wide desert sand
Slowly makes it hot and hot
Black mountain bleeds in molten rocks
Mixes with sandy soil and turns it also red
In off and on so aesthetic seen in naps
The date palms with wild pigeon's wave
The bushes sway with grazing sheep
And the ships of the desert in rows with riders
Yes the mountain is becoming blacker
But in the shade all life is safe.
Alas suddenly one tire that burst
We jerked and shook in our seat
But our driver is very keen
Brought the bus in control
From the speed tracks
Slowly he brought at aside make us cool
All step-out very sad, while he took the Stepney
Fits very fast in the hot sun in the noon
While I kept my leg on a rock
Suddenly got a blister in hot
Later we had our food and cool drinks
Thanks to god, again we started our journey
Mile to go miles to go to see the beauty and the star.

Alas we saw some crowd in the mid of the track
Police and ambulance in the accident spot
The scattered body and collapsed vehicle apart
The tracks are very hot and smooth
But the speed that kills many in the road
In Discussion and the thoughts
Many members started sleep
While cool wind howls through the windows
The driver told we reached the spot
Yes, we reached in the oasis garden.
Lush reflects in light of a star and a crescent smile
They welcome us in the bliss of love.

Vinodkumar V

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The journey of thousand kilometers

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