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"A True Gem"

Inspired by Ms. Toni Vasser

One early morn upon awake I quickly came to find.
The cobwebs of shadowy ghosts died within my mind.
Those slinky burdens of the dark that boo us from time to time.
‘Tis they the ones who keep our lives to forever twist and twine.

‘Twas relieved to finally think of a memory, one simply divine.
To bring to light a soul that ages as well and fine as wine.
Whenever one is in her presence, she is dutifully inclined.
To extend her hospitality to come to drink and dine.

It may be you to bring the salt, but she will bring the thyme.
Whenever one needs a helping hand, she is the first to chime.
We wish to appreciate the life of her while we are in our prime.
For, not to see the worth of her will surely be a crime.


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`A True Gem`