Tattoos in Mayberry

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Our waters are tainted,
There's flooding in our streets
Doin' shimmy, shake shuffles 
 scroungin'  for  somethin' good' to  eat.
But, the food's all bad,
GMO and MSG.
There's somethin' not right around here.

Crusty kids sprawled on sleeping bags
over cardboard mats
Navigatin' the last railroad cars 
menacing pole cats.
camo fends off troubled  tweakers 
and the repo man.
There's somethin' not right around here.

Park patrol sniffs around  
for another cat on a wire
more crabs for their buckets 
and into the fire
I'll tell you straight up
 best be a real good liar. '
cuz, there's somethin'
not right around here.,

More drugs are being dropped
 than raindrops
 business is booming
and it's pouring non-stop.
The music is blasting,
bells keep on clangin',
Since, the needle found the vein
The bars won't stop bangin'
There's somethin' not right around here.

I'd love to tell you
I've seen it all
But, every day's
 a new one on me.
The art of the deal 
wrought the working man's grief..
a lawyered up 
Indian Chief.
There's somethin's
not right around here.

Another toy soldier
succumbs to the lash
Found his hands in her cookie jar
where her cookies weren't stashed..
We know what we know
better move in real slow
there's  somethin'
not right
around here.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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There`s somethin` not right around here