At Least for Today

I have been absent for awhile battling stage four terminal cancer...I begin my second chemo in a year next week

I have not written in years but it's time to begin again here is my first attempt at getting back at it
I share this with all those I love and who are always there for me in person or in spirit...#IAMAWARRIOR

You snuck up on me
Like a shadow
That's not mine
I call you C
Call you a demon
Daily I muster my strength
Not to rid myself of you
But to keep you at bay
You fight my body
I use poison to fight back
Sadly it's not only poison
For you
But for me as well
You are a deadly
Relentless beast
And I am a
Relentless warrior
So let's dance
This dance again
I'm not afraid of you
You should be afraid
Of me
I can dance this dance
As long as you can
Or as long as my body
Will allow me to
But for today
Let's dance demon
You have knocked me down
You have not knocked me out
I have love support
Prayers and God
In my corner
You have power
No doubt
Mine is mightier
At least today
In the end
You will no doubt win
But that end is not today
Let's dance again
I may be tired
I'm not broken
Not today

Melody Clark
Copyright July 24 2019

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At Least for Today

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