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What's With The Lead Overshoes?

what is it about
which makes it an impossible task

is it because it involves giving
and we are not a naturally giving species

is it because it is about
also letting go when it is easier to hang onto
something like an old stinky habit

is it stubbornness
is it pride
is it foolishness
is it mental sloth
is it utter disregard
is it utter selfishness

once accomplished
a state of forgiveness
leads to a state of peace
and release
inertia no longer has its hold
and the string of resentments
and complicated feelings is cut
the tether to the past untied
a new door to a new beginning
is pried
wide open

what's with the lead overshoes
what's with the weighted front lips
what's with the rotten attitude

why not think of it as trying to make your life fit
in a sweeter more comfortable place

get over yourself
one foot in front of the other
each and every one who done you wrong
including yourself

you've got nothing to lose
but a boulder that will eventually
roll back down the hill
and flatten you with

legal copyright for this poem 8/4/2019
6:27pm PST Being Tom Prolific Today
and also for this poet Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

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