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The best remedy I can only imagine,

Will never be found in the physical fashion,

Just maybe in your kiss just full of passion.

So much more deeper than what your mind will think,

You may have to drop anchor and jump in,

Be prepared to sink!

Below the surface of your subconscious mind,

Where land and sea dilute into time.

A space, a form from your memories you sworn…

Buried , lying in pieces you cannot recognize its norm.

Use more than your two eyes…

To compare and contrast between these subtle lines.

A cleanse I wish to fulfill and explore,

I am waiting patiently for the one I truly adore.

To heal, to mend and be complete,

To transform into something beautiful and truly unique.

Not a face and certainly not a societal look,

I am so much more than what you see on Facebook.

I am feeling, a thought, a vibe …

When will you decide?

Take notice and no hesitation,

Cleanse me to total annihilation,

Until your heart has palpitations.

Ripped apart and put together renewed,

My God some folks don't know what to do…

...With me, my essence and my spirit upgraded,

Don’t think you can fool me into getting “unbraided.”

Oh but try your best…

For I am certain you will give me a much deserved rest.

I am tightly put together by the Divine Creator,

I am just an earthly spirit to be your translator.

Just trying to give you message and move you to be greater.

To divide...separate,

Your DNA will need to be rejuvenated. 

Awake your spirit even more,

Sounding the alarm through your entire core.

I said that to say this at least-

Awake my sweet,

I am here to restore your one true heartbeat.

I cleanse myself as I cleanse you,

Your hidden potential is about to come thru.

Take the risk without questioning why?

Your intuition will guide just comply. 

I won’t overthink as long as you do not,

Our gift is waiting for us to just loosen the knot.

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