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I have deeply loved



In my life, I have deeply loved with all my heart
from the day I learned to know how mother
nature made me one with her.

Nothing made me so happy to walk among the stars in the evening and
among the flowers in the day.

I have loved everything that passed by the way in my life
the skylarks, birds of all kinds keeping time to each heartbeat,
the fireflies around in the summer night making
all awake and alive.

The kiss of the ocean breeze on my cheek while I walked
among the seashells and driftwood faded by the sun
the sound of the waves singing their own song under
skies of wonder and warmth.

The pine trees blowing in the wind, strong with
pride and glory, kissing each day with maybe
a final good-bye.

I have loved much more with deep awareness
never forgetting how mother kept me alive with
her brightness, restoring my bruised confidence
her beauty brought me faith in my heart that
love could bring all nations together.

I have loved to the extent of pleasure-loving each
soul God made of his own image, and through
life, till the day I breathe no more, shall I love deeply.

I have loved and cherished my children God let me share
for a while in my life..My children are the breath I take
my food of happiness, the art of glory that captures
each scene of beauty appearing in God's universe.

Have no hate to share, since I have no concept of it's
meaning! Loving is all I know and always shall know
Mother taught me at a very young age the meaning
of love with every sound of nature, majestic surroundings
that only love exists, nothing about hate, only brightness
of heart and soul excepting what each day brings with delight.

How can we hate when there is nothing but beauty
for us to see? it continues on day after day with a
the different scene for us to rejoice, and smile along
our miraculous journey, we have wondrous treasures
among the mighty Universe in all, it's heavenly glory.

Yes! I have deeply loved, my treasured life, right in front of me
worth living every day, with a thankful heart, a happy smile for
those who have never smiled from deep within.

We must all reach out to heaven's above and Thank
God for all we have! All we really need to live for in grace
is to follow the blueprints of our Master.

I hope in life! our children will be blessed, we will find the
true meaning of living in his glory, warmth grows always
without a trace of evil.



(Find your love, it's just underneath the divinity of our
beloved soul.)




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