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All Hallow's E'en

The Trick or Treating finished,
The children safe in bed
Or huddled around the fire
Telling  stories in their stead,
Maybe nervously shivering
Feeling strangely cold
As the evening progresses
And more macabre tales told.

And then, the parties finished,
The doors locked tight
The clock moves quietly on
And its All Hallows' night.
Did they catch a movement
From the corner of an eye
Possibly maybe sense
Lost souls wandering by.

A procession wandering
Down every silent street
To the Centre of the village
Where those lost souls meet.
Do they celebrate the gathering
Do they seize the chance
To mix and mingle and entwine
In a ghoulish form of dance.

A convention of undead
None were able to save
On this their special night
New risen from the grave
Just for these dark hours
Freely let to roam
Until with the night's end
The grave calls them home.
As the dawn approached
And the clocks moved on
They silently dispersed
Until every one was gone,
With the coming of sunrise
Are all the street  cleared,
Lost souls back to to Hades
For yet another long year..

The children  come awake
Remembering Trick or Treat
And for another year the living
Reclaim every single street.
Come full morning light
There's no sign to be seen
Of the strange events of
Another passed Hallows E'en.

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