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Nature started discriminating
against the women from the
beginning of the time and men
continued on discriminating
against women all the time.

Sent with a fixed number of eggs
women are controlled by DNA
and ruled by the hormones with
just one function mother nature
has in her mind – making babies.

Losing an egg a month is a matter
of life and death because the egg
could produce a baby given the right
circumstances and left to die after
all the eggs have been released.

Nature stops looking after the body
stopping the hormone production
dumping woman's body as trash.
Some say it's a change of life but it's
the death of the life the woman had.

Men have discriminated against women.
Still, there has not been a woman
President in the USA till this day.
Some countries stone women to death
for adultery and yet allow a man
to marry and have up to four wives.

In some countries, women can't drive
and some allow the little girls to be
stitched up to keep them virgin till
the husbands get their brides and have
them unstitched –poor virgin brides.

Discrimination against women is
inbuilt in our society and discriminators
are not always men but women too
have played a part of keeping women
down like the Iron lady of the UK did.  

Kris ~ Dreamweaver  
19th October 2019.

UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

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