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Turning the music on yo drown out my thoughts,

I feel crazy with all these feelings going off like gunshots.

I am steadily ducking and diving...dancing like an unpaid mascot.

I get frustrated and then calm all over again,

This vicious cycle I beg you please come to an end!

No true outlet to let it ease thru,

The one person I need to tell won’t come to..

His senses..in his head...so clogged up,

Just let the feelings bleed onto the bed.

Can’t help to think about what I am feeling is one-sided but instead…

I have a small inkling where I am being lead.

I tell myself again and again that’s not the case,

Just feeling are a little displaced.

A singular moment in time,

On that special day we both shined.

So bright and yet very humbled,

I just wanted to wrap myself around you and cuddle until I crumble.

And yet here we are waiting for a shift,

Get to me so we can go forward to our long awaited bliss.

I cannot make it more plain,

Set off on an adventure and driving each other insane. 

Of all things we hide from each other,

I don’t mind if you smother…

Me all you want I’ll never get enough of you,

If people only knew!

Get to me as quickly as you can, 

I am waiting for you on the other side of land.

To love, to share and fully embrace,

To run this thing called life an endless race. 

Get to me with your flaws and all,

But first you have to come through that brick wall you installed.

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