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eaving Highlonesome Ridge

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On Jul 5, 2018, at 18:22, Ruth Hartinger wrote:Across the wild hills where the wild deer roam

Leaving High Lonesome Ridge

Across the wild hills where the wild deer roam
When the wild geese will travel to their winter home
I must leave you darling, no more to call your name
And the rugged rocky mountains nevermore will be the same
But when you'r'e safely sleeping I will whisper to you dear
And tho I am not with you I am always very near.
In the Hills of the Ozarks where the wild deer roam
Some day in those hills my soul will go home
Ill leave this old world with my spirit flying high.
To live with my Savior in that sweet by and by
But I'll be with you and listen for your laugh
And I will smile to know your'e happy at last
Cross High lonesome ridge When the north wind blows
That cold cold wind is whistling and the temperature is low
Think of me my darling sitting by a fireplace warm
Sitting there together on our sweet Missouri farm.Soon to be together in that home beyond the blue.
And in that happy home. I am waiting just for you.
Never more to part again from that happy shore
We'll always be together in that land forever more.

Ruth Nelson Hartinger.

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eaving Highlonesome Ridge