Tattoos in Mayberry

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Give me my dose,
Lady Thorazine.
So, I don't make a scene. 
Nobody wants to see a good spectacle anymore.
My lock-down lady friend
more tenderly touches my bone.
Since  her Doc doubled 
 her dosage of Trazodone.
Nurse, don't forget my medication
or I'll cry, groan and scream
Slam it into my vein
       My Shrink didn't show
 as I waited and waited,
in O.T. weaving a  basket
while over-medicated.
The nurse ratchets up my dose intravenous.
Special needs to the rescue
for this day care daddy.
I do my small part to keep ward goosip down to a hush
Heaven forbid us loonies make too much of a fuss.
Still, we'll shake their foundations,
with you at my side.
Together, we'll show them
on Haldol, we'll ride.
Restraints burn and chafe...
So, for now, I'll swallow their pills
Then space out in the day lounge
blitzed on Mellaril.
    The charge nurse has generously
unlocked the quiet room door.
She's unveiled her next match making scheme.
When the ward staff decided
I'm to hook up with my latest main squeeze.
Lady Thorazine
They assure me. 
she's got unbeatable chemistry
My  true soul mate supreme.
Since, they broke off my engagement 
with Madam Stelazine.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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