Dear December

Dear December
I saw you, dear December,
Peeping from the cloudy sky
Lights the divine snow
Conifers clap lushly hand
The ice flakes shatter and plays
Winds that whistling chills
The birds with rocking songs
And the animals hibernate
While the old Santa
With frozen hands
Touches flare of the sun
Writing messages in cards
Merry Christmas and moves...

Under the moonlight.
Jingle bells rocks
In the twinkling stars
Singing the carol songs
Dances with a bucket full of gifts.
Loaded on his back
He saw the children arranges
The Christmas Crib
With toy sheep's, paper stars
Bright baubles in droops
In the candlelight
Center of attraction
The Statue of Infant Jesus
Angel that flies around
Makes the smiles
It's the heart of faith.
Sweetcakes you cuts
Share and Celebrates the joy
So sacred this December.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all
Vinod Kumar V

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Dear December

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