The Life Of A Fallin Rose

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Doesn't matter anyway

What do you long for , what do you dream about? Such a simple question it would seem, but it's not. Some of the answer has change over the years as well it should. Time stands still for no one and is unfortunate that we wast so much, instead of just enjoying each other and such. Never knowing if today is your last, at least I honestly don't regret my past. Some were just lessons learned hard and some were blessins I could trust. Don't look back push forward I must.
What do I long for? Not too difficult a picture to conjure, but so vastly different form the ones I held before. It's rather simple and an image I quietly hold close to my core. I just want to be loved like I should. To be held and wanted, to be treasured and understood. I want to give all I am, to be the best to someone else, that I can make happy to live beside me. I want peace and quiet, the calm to never stop. I want adventures  with someone to share, and then go home with loving care.  I want to fall asleep safe in their arms, no fear and no alarms. 

What do I dream about? I will never really talk that out. I have so many and most I have figured out. Except the one that I fear will never come about. Why ask people these questions with answers they hold so dear? Why should anyone know what causes my tear? I don't want the world to know, just one important soul.  It doesn't matter any way, I'm always alone.

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Doesn`t matter anyway