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A Gypsy I Am

I walk alone in fields of fire
my heart sheds a tear to bury the flames
The first day of light is filled with a thunder
from the Gods in the heavens and their chariot games.

Blood in my being is soon running still
Love is a memory, A heartbeat away
I struggle again to climb a new hill
where I kneel at the alter and hear my self pray.

The third day the sun forms a new light
and I lay on the grass and pick at my teeth
I wish that I was an Eagle in flight
for only the sky is where freedom is sweet.

Four bells from a church ring out a song
and I'm back from my dreams to lonely again
I try and I try but can't sing along
maybe the bells are just memories friend.

On the fifth day I stumble and fall to my doom
the eyes of the nation are watching in shame
Words have no meaning in the realm of this room
where love has no feeling's and where feeling's a game.

I wander at midnight and peer into space
six beats of my heart were stolen from me
I'm now just a soldier, a stone in it's place
a wandering nomad with no hope to be free.

My cloth is all dirty, tattered and worn
and rain falls again, Or is it tears from your gun
Searching the heavens I pray to you Lord
for a gypsy I am of a new seventh sun.

Written By,
Ralph Comfort

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A Gypsy I Am

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