Pete's poems from the night.

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Going home.

Walls of liberation.

Madonna of infatuation
Dessicating your soul
A prepacked religion
Of responsible denial.

Burning with the sinners
Through fields of chaff
Igniting fires of opnion
A seedless harvest of wrath.

A pendulam nation swings
Panicked, randomly blaming
Unfounded lies an anticlimax
Moralists prematurely objecting.

A game of paranoia for all
Of neighbourly suspicion
Keeping the people safe
Within walls of liberation.


Rip out the heart
Watch it beat
Morose fascination
From a comfy seat.

Grimy pages turning
Opinionated news
A stylised truth
From self indulgent views.

Truth? Is worthless
It cannot be spent
Now dealing in lies
That's more like it.

What are the profits?
A persona ripped apart
Entertaining the masses
By cutting out the heart.


Out dated attitudes
Christian planted
Indigenous reservation
Royally granted.

Progress excused
By white voracity
Where homeless beg
In the rich city.

From the civilised
The beggars come
A disease contagious
To where was none.

Inadequate people
Dealing with issues
Beyond their scope
Just deaf to the seers.

City left behind?

Buying a ticket
Railroad blues
Drunk on a train
Blowing a fuse.

I'm leaving town
Fading city light
Once a moth to it's glare
I'm a wasted socialite.

The clackity clack
Hating repetition
Aboard a train of
My last volition.

Sleep till sober
A mind reawakened
Last stop arrived
Is the City left behind.