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 She was restless, the first of school was so frightening
She hit the playground like a bolt lightning

 She plays on a swing they are such a happy thing
she was told to come in when she heard the bell ring

 She looked up to the sky and wished she could fly
watching the marshmellow clouds passing by, 

When the bell rings she stopped the swing
 back to class, until the school day passed

Now it was a lot that day, 
she hoped she didn't forget how to play

She went to her room in a speedy zoom
Ready for a tea party and her kitten named Marty

When she opened the door,
she seen a desk sitting in the middle of her floor

No this can't be, my tea table was nowhere in sight
poor Ellie Marie cried that night

Her mother heard her distress,
Her mother asked what was wrong,

Ellie's tears were  steady and strong, 
Her mother had made her a study place

 took her toys the spare room where there was
Plenty of space,

Ellie Was Happy as can be with what she did see
Toys waiting for her to touch  that she liked so much

Ellie learned a lot that day when to swing, 
Where  study, where to play, most of all,
how it can happen in one day.

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All in One Day