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The Mermaid Fish

Through the waves of all of the air that collided
she ripped through grapes of water as the boat subsided
She fell on the floor after she was caught
Rolled out was a blanket to wrap her up

She literally cautioned
all that were shocked
a jolting shout
as she was flipping about

She cannot sit
since she is a fish
During the holidays
it will be her
one Christmas wish

She will never stand
in zero degree air
Or sit tired
by the fireplace
with wet hair

For Snapping, rancid
and crinkled away,
she will be
if they dare relax
by the fire or the ice
for just one day

all of the past,
of a present, lay on the table
in front of the fireplace,
made of oak wood,
as if in a stable

One stood out
about a mermaid like her
in white fabric
and brown suit
whilst her legs
fins no more

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The Mermaid Fish

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