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God my King is from of old,
Working salvation on earth;
For Your plan that does unfold,
Since all creatures You gave birth.
You parted seas by Your might,
And broke the sea monster’s head;
Giving us the sun for light,
The moon when we go to bed.
You crushed Leviathan heads,
Gave him as food for the beast;
While the news quickly spreads,
How You created a feast.
You split open springs and brooks,
You dry up mighty rivers;
You made the land how it looks,
And cold wind that one shivers.
You are the day and the night,
You made the moon and the sun;
Heavenly stars shine bright,
Starts the day when night is done.
You fixed boundaries of earth,
Split the summer from winter;
Spring blooms for all of its worth,
Fall before cold will enter.
Remember how my foe scoffs,
Foolish people mock Your name;
They are a bunch of showoffs,
Blasphemes of what I proclaim.
Do not deliver the soul,
Of Your dove to wild beasts;
Keep my life under control,
To accompany Your priests.
Honor to the covenant,
For dark places of the land;
Dwellers that are arrogant,
That have ignored your command.
Let not the oppressed be shamed,
Let the poor and needy praise;
Never letting them be blamed,
Reward as each one obeys.
Rise O God, defend Your cause,
Remember the foolish mock;
Clamor Your foes for their flaws,
Silence their fiery talk.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

©2000 - 2021, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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