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Amidst pandemic comes the new normal

How is everybody doing right at this moment?
Are you bored and stressed out for being locked down?
Are you ready to embrace the so-called new normal
out of the ordinary cause by this global health crisis?

The workforce will surely be redesigned after Covid19,
Many employees will still work at home
while others will have different start times of shifts
to enable physical distancing and avoid over crowding.

Outdoor family undertakings are never the same at this juncture.
While schools and Day Cares are closed
and parents lost their respective jobs
Everyone has no option but to stay home and be wary.

The new normal is making sure the virus won't resurface again
flattening the curve postponing any kind of cruise and international vacations.
Long lines and wait times will still emerge
at the bank, grocery store, coffee shop, bakery and restaurant.

Frozen food, drinks, fresh produce as well as meat and seafood
buyers do embrace online shopping in a way they haven't before.
UberEats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash apps are for home deliveries
as Canadians forming new habits liking it in the process.

-- SALLIE/May 8, 2020

This is one of my six entries at the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival this year

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Amidst pandemic comes the new normal