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The Grand Staircase

Each life has one staircase to climb with many heavy steps, all reaching to the sky, and surrounded with
soft clouds and sun and all the birds that fly. Some of these steps are rough and cause bad falls that lead
to pain in body and in soul, but with deep faith in time that faith can make you whole. The journey
continues up the stairs and with each upward step, you gain some love and joy, and others to be swept.
As years go by you find yourself way high up on your Stair, but each step is slower now and requires
much more care. But then one day your eyes look up and clearly do they see, the journey's end just up
ahead, the place to set you free. Your mind rewinds and plays again the memories of your years, and
music, voices, laughter all, go streaming through your ears. And then you find the next few steps
are difficult to climb but finally you reach the top with open eyes and feeling very fine. You see
a Palace in near sight with open doors, all ivory and white, and as you near the doors you see the
inside filled with golden bright sunlight. You enter calmly through the doors, and slowly do they close,
and your new life begins its path like a new Spring garden rose.

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The Grand Staircase