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Thoughts of the Day

Thoughts of the Day
As I sit and think about you, remembering all the good times. I think,
Ain't it funny how the bad things disappear, when someone is gone.
The trips we took to nowhere, but always going somewhere,
Knowing we were never lost as long as we were as one.

The games we played the thoughts we shared, are memories now
To think of , and dream about when times get sad and lonely.
They fill my heart , my soul, my days with longing to have you back.
but no matter how much dreaming or thinking or longing there is
You will always and forever be gone.

Gone from me , and gone from life. Gone are the days we shared.
All of those days are memories from now and forever,
And although not all our days together were perfect and sweet,
In my mind, my dreams , my heart, they were, and will always be,
The greatest years of love and peace within my heart.

Judy Lindsey
June 2, 2020