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You have dealt well with your servant,
According to as said O Lord;
Such emotionally fervent,
That has been written in Your Word.
Teach me good knowledge and judgements,
The insight upon Your wisdom;
I believe in Your commandments,
Allow to flow from your Kingdom.
Long before I was afflicted,
I went wild and went astray;
But I had become convicted,
And now keep your Word to obey.
You are very good and do good,
So, please teach me of Your statutes;
To help me to do as I should,
And never have any refutes.
The insolent smear me with lies,
But I keep Your precepts in light;
Even though each of them denies,
About what you have done is right.
Their heart is unfeeling like fat,
Fat building up from all the grease;
But I delight in Your Law that,
My love for You will never cease.
It is good I was afflicted,
So that I might learn my statutes;
Showing that sin had addicted,
Confusion was causing disputes.
The Law within Your lips and tongue,
Better than the silver and gold;
Because of its wealth being flung,
Now as humbled that once was bold.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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