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A terrible force has come upon the world
Spreading around, a force not to be reckoned.
Sparking fear and anger in every group
While causing rioting and danger in the streets.
No one can see it , but it's there no doubt
No one knows how to treat it or put it out.

A Virus so deadly it's affects us all
In the air we breathe and objects we touch.
Giving people time to think of their life's
Holding onto loved one's to keep them from harm.

Is it an omen of things to come ?
Is it a peril we all must endure ?
Just know that God is watching all
Pray to him and hear his call.

Together we can stand to help our nation.
Alone we loose , no matter our station.
Remember this and clear your hearts
And pray to God to do your part.

For We are no longer a sex or color,
this virus cares not what group you are.
It doesn't know or discriminate against you or me,
No nation, no country is free from it's terror.

Judy Lindsey
June 29, 2020