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They stand there for ages
Pouring out angst and woe,
Seeming to gain strength
As their words start to flow.
They curse and they swear,
Stand, scream and shout,
And I've really no idea
What they're  talking about.

Just these loud strident voices
Hammering away in my head
I'm losing the will to live
I've long lost the thread.
If you thrive on your misery
Then that's just fine
Done make me feel guilty for
A happy out look like mine.

I came here full of optimism
But now I'm near suicidal,
Reflecting on the merits of
The old Scolds Bridal,
A quick burst with a taser
Even E.C.T. shocks
Maybe even an hour or so
Chaining them up in the stocks.

I'm finished, I'm  leaving
Driven out at last,
Just a relict from
Their very recent past.
I've always supped
From the half full cup.
Just a final message,
For God's sake, lighten up.

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