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Dear Jacob

Apparently, some time ago, this worthy said anybody who'd not been to Public School and Oxbridge, but  was educated by the State, was a Potted Plant.  He is , of course, a Member of the British House of Commons, an elected M.P.  That's your caring sharing High Tory for you.

Mr Rees Mogg, dear sir
Please excuse my deficiency
I was educated by the State
Not by Fee Paying efficiency.
(Those Bogus Charitable institutions
Which, because our system is so lax
Utilise the revenue system to
Avoid paying much if any tax.)
I didn't go to Oxbridge,
Just the University of life,
(Actually the British Army where
Ruperts of your ilk were rife,
Though they did at least
Have the guts and nerve
To endure Sandhurst and
Carry on and serve),
Its not nice being a potted plant,
Lacking your privilege or wealth
Dependent on a post code lottery
For me and my family's  Health
And it hurts more than a little bit
When such a snobbish prat
Thinks he has the legal right
To insult and denigrate like that.
So Dear Mr Rees Mogg,
Man of such a very silly name p,
if you had any decency
You'd show humility and shame.
You won't of course, just continue
Exploiting your privileged state
And keep on uttering your poison
Of  prejudice, ignorance and hate
I apologise  if this doesn't quite meet
Your hight standards of articulation
I'm just  working class cannon fodder
From an underfunded State Education.
I do realise you're too busy now
Cashing in on the coming exit,
Increasing your millions from
Your engineered No Deal Brexit,
To consider any opinions
Of an obviously different slant
From a State Educated
Barely literate potted plant.

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