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Little fairy

Thrown away once more, just as any time the little fairy trusted, hoped and believed before. She cried her self to sleep in utter silence swearing this time would be the last. Not angery and not bitter, faith - hope and love didn't reside in her heart anymore. The little fairy laying in a closed magnolia flower bed. The world she believed in was not even real to her anymore. The water lost is sparkle. The sun no longer seemed to rise. She felt nothing but her soul shatter, her wings beyond just tattered, wonder and curious eyes beginning to dim. One more fairy devistated and distroyed by men.
The little fairy had given up. As she lay , tears streaming down her face, her body did flower embrace. Shielding her torn and shattered heart and soul, from the cruel world once more. She would never again emerge healed and restored, shut down foverever her light dimed and she was a fairy born to help no more. Pieces of her began to fade away. She came full of love, empathy and compassion to heal and help, this ungreatful cruel world distroyed a beautiful gift. A pure tiny heart that only sought to help it live. A tiny fairy who only had everyone's best interest in her heart was no more because she was torn apart.

Afallinrose 2020

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Little fairy