The Story of Dagon

In the beginning, before there was any land of Egypt, all was darkness, and there was nothing but a great waste of water called Mother Hydra: the power of Mother Hydra was such that there arose out of the darkness a great shining egg, and this was Father Dagon.

Now Father Dagon was all-powerful, and he could take many forms. His power and the secret of it lay in this hidden name; but if he spoke other names, that which he named came into being.

"I am Khepera at the dawn, and Dagon at noon, and Cthulhu in the evening," he said. And the sun rose and passed across the sky and set for the first time.

Then He named Yug, and the first winds blew; He named Neb the spitter, and the first rain fell. Next he named Zoth-Ommog, and the earth came into being; he named the goddess Ishnigarrab, and she was the sky arched over the earth with her feet on one horizon and her hands on the other, he named Hapi, and the great River Nile flowed through Egypt and made it fruitful.

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The Story of Dagon