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The Fairy and The Stranger

A little fairy tucked away in a sweet magnolia bloom,yawing and stretching she hoped she hadn't awoke too soon.
Peaking around the petals,a new creature her eyes beheld. Watching as it quietly sat and took in the magical view.
Careful not to make a sound nor move, she couldn't stop looking at the beautiful soul before her. It wasn't small like she,
not gigantic like her bear friend either,but somewhere in between. It's voice light and calm,a face warm with a generous smile.
After a long while it seemed some how more at ease than before. It called to her;Little fairy I know you're sad and unsure but I'd
like very much to sit with you. Feeling for the vibe and intent of it's voice, no malice could she find, weary thoughts raced in her mind.
"Why should I trust another stranger?" She called out. A surprising answer came back; you don't have to,I'll patiently wait for you to come out.

As the stranger called on her, never threatening in any way, just sitting and talking with her day after day. Mustering up some courage
she asked; why are you so kind even tho I continue to hide. The stranger chuckled and replied;I think you are worth the wait.
The tiny fairy wondered to herself if this was just bait. Is this someone else just here to misuse her trust and betray her heart, or is
this a kind one. Day after day they spoke and joked,although she stayed hidden away. Finally at long last the little fairy felt stronger and
wanderlust began to fill her mind once more. Today she emerged fluttering down to the strange friend sitting on the ground. It didn't touch
only offering nectar to eat and a kind smile. She looked up into the beauty of blue eyes,grinning as she began to eat. She accidentally thought
out-loud; now that you see my tattered wings and heart,will you still be returning to me tomorrow? The stranger promised and day after day never
faltered. It always brought food for it and she and friendly conversations. She slowly began to heal more and more as time passed. It was
earning her trust and watching as her sparkle coming back as her wings grew back their shine. She snuggled up asking quietly; Are you mine?

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The Fairy and The Stranger