Pete's poems from the night.

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Born of legend.

Existence has born us into myth
A prize of man's informed ignorance
I observe your decay with concern
Walking among your social deviants.

The pavement echoes my footsteps
Resounding about a maze of human existence
Flashing shop signs jostle for attention
Within this self commercial expanse.

Oh you spoilt children of mortality
Directionless save for self exploit
Wander this world uninvited
Seeing only with covetous eyes.

Open windows beckon me welcome
My coldness precedes an entrance
Visualised by this crawling mist
Billowing menace in appearance.

You retreat within a blankets comfort
To stand at ease your body hair
All the logic of a sceptic deserts you
Gliding within your disbelieving stare.

Mmmm the sensuous euphoria of blood
Gyrating my head as I lick my lips
Suspended in the pose of that missionary
To mock the conviction of a crucifix.

I read thoughts confused and helpless
Closing my eyes to imagine your fear
Aaah to tease oneself is such delight
Till I can bare no more I release my hunger.

I crawl like the parasite I am
Magnetic stare holds you paralysed
As I enter your world from myth
Your ignorance of legend is realised.

Prone to the weight of advancing horror
My will penetrates your delicate protection
Drawing the curtains of your resistance
Smothering senses within a minds suffocation.

I gorge upon the taste of sensual musk
Intoxicating a need to feed
Effortlessly I glide to release a flood
Of experience and emotion as you bleed.

Taken to a pleasure short of nausea
As the blood pumps down my throat
So willing to leave this fragile creature
Helpless as my prey doomed without hope.

Just another unexplained death
To you who choose not to believe
Covered up beneath a blanket of denial
An ancient truth you fear to perceive.