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Dark and certainly so far gone past midnight,

I sit and patiently wait for your arrival with a smile of delight.

I just anticipating watching you in your own element,

Mmm I am so beyond “excited” it levels my temperament.

I begin to get lost in my thoughts of you,

I grin, bite my lip, squeeze my smooth thighs together thinking of what you want to do.

I hear your keys jingle at your front door,

I am hidden out of sight..I am too excited to finally see you; I feel the burn in my core. 

So tired you are as you take a deep breath and say “Mmm I am so glad to be home”,

Leaving your keys in a designated spot as I observe and watch you roam.

You walk easily to your bedroom as I pop out to follow suit,

Admiring you from behind my lips form that silent “ Oooo…”

Contemplating reaching out to touch you and before I have a chance to...

You stop suddenly feeling like someone is following you…

You chuckle and say “ I need to get some rest, my mind is playing tricks on me” I whisper softly “ you have no clue my boo!”

I stand back and watch you get ready to take a shower,

Closely watching you remove your clothes bit by bit,

I am fully enjoying the beautiful view ...Mmm such a strong Tower!

You proceed to get in the shower...closing the curtain..I can really pop out!

I peek inside and just savor at water running all over your body,

Mmm you are perfect to me in every single way...you so make me want to be naughty!

...Oh imagining you completely dominating over my little short frame,

Explore all you want, desire and deeply crave all just hear me moan and scream out your name!

I can take more than think you..punish me and stake your claim.

Snapping myself back as I watch you carefully wash…

Every mmm...inch of yourself..making me bite my lip!

Damn you...I am about to join in...let me strip!

I pause and bring myself back to reality,

“Mmm I gotta wait but I want what I want just give me!”

I pop back out and let you finish up,

As I wait in your bedroom...quietly and letting my fire buildup.

I relish in the fact that you can’t see me there,

But you sense something is up as you smell a familiar perfume in the air.

I watch as your lower region has an immediate reaction, 

Ohh I would love to watch you please yourself to another level of satisfaction.

Then there goes that smirk…

I grab my neck, squeeze it, laugh quietly and say “ I want to dig into you completely...my sweet jerk!”

Feeling that sweet ache and yearning for your touch…

Until the time is right and I want it so very much..watching so close and yet so far…

So I will kiss you and love your body in my most intimate dreams,

Wanting you to come to me and be my one true star.


Copyright Ⓒ May 2020


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