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“You know I've been searching for someone

Who can share that special love with me”...


Dear Music, 

I swear she speaks to me

One look in her eyes

I can’t get away (so lost)

How high can I be

Mind heart body 

Turned my soul into these vibes

For her love

Don’t show me the gimmicks 

Just where to subscribe 

I don’t care the cost 


So used to pretty girls’ lies

So tell me she ain’t the same

She’s not blinded by pride 

Got me belting ballads about

Computer love

Willing to do anything she says 

Cause she’s leaping these billion foot barricades

Swimming through tumultuous waves

Advocating this half mammal, half beast she can untame 

She doesn’t have to ask for access

Cause here are the keys


It’s been years since 

I’ve done so 

With such ease; such peace 

Beauty unmatched 

Even the mirror’s awestruck

Just promise she won’t lease

Looking for an owner to sign this deed

With promises

She’ll always make my pulse speed 


Those White Pearls; Brown Diamonds

I’ll never exchange


To always keep your beauty in range 

She can lock me up in chains

As long as she lets my love flow


Untame this beast let me run wild

And you can have the reins

Love how I can erase my pain

Just by gazing in your panes


¥MOI¥  11 Nov 20


“Shooby doo bop shoo doo bop 

I want to love you”...


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White Pearls Brown Diamonds