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:"We The Land"

We the Land

We were taught that land is what's beneath our feet.
We are taught we were created from the dust of the ground.
We were never taught that we are Land in Motion, and we bare its' Title.

We stand on Land _ We sale Land _ We own Land _ We fight over Land _ We move Land _ We build on Land _ We die on Land _ We are buried in Land

What are we, any place at any time?
We are Land. Wherever we go _ we take our Land

If one flees to another part of the earth _ It is only a new spot to wit, he stands
If we have children, we extend our Land; we extend our Titles
If one gives up his Lands and his titles _ he is no longer Lord of the Land _ Thus his lands will no longer bear his Name nor Title.

It is here where my story begins.
~~~ w 11262019

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:`We The Land`