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Students of Fire and Ice

If the song of my lyrics seems undefined.
'Tis be for those only like of mind.
Ye shall not find them appreciated.
None ‘o words are to you, related.
For, I am amongst the ones to originate.
Styles and techniques do I create.
Be I humble yet be of great ego.
Not of want but of what I know.

Stand your ground within your place.
Do not despise shines around my face.
I too, seek the path on high.
And be I first not to deny.
I own my selfishness and starched pride.
And all things locked deep down inside.
Why not stand I, tall and glorified?
Were you there when I broke and cried?

In the depths of brim ‘o brine.
'Twas I alone, left mortified.
Barren walls n'er place to hide,
It 'twas “I” of the few to rise!
Now to gaze upon you, my eyes revised.
I need not respect or consider your plight.
Yet, never will I harm or hinder your life!
Be “We” the students of “Fire and Ice”.

“Thinketh as a man and be mortal. Expound as the divine and sit amongst kings”


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Students of Fire and Ice