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After the bugles and the charges
The screams of victory and pain
Lying scattered over that field
That field they fought to gain
Lie the wounded and the dead
Of both sides where they fell
Comrades now side by side
In the wounded's private hell

Stretcher bearers slowly search
Covering that killing ground
Separating those still living
From bodies scattered around
Winners and losers treated
No enemies there any more
Just broken wounded bodies
Numbered by the many score

There's a subdued air now
Even the moans are low
Among the greedy squabbling
Of the carrion crow
Wandering through that debris
Not yet with the courage to feed
Determination growing stronger
Hunger an overpowering need

There are horses wandering
As though in a state of daze
Harness gently clinking'
Some stand there and graze
The Generals in their tents
Having directed from the rear
Many years since they fought
Have no recall of fear

The victor and the vanquished
Raise their arms and drink
To a battle finished and sealed
With the toasting glasses clink
Out there darkness will soon fall
And take away the power of sight
Those not yet recovered
Will have to wait the

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