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I Waited for you

I waited for you without doubt or fear through the silence. Unwavering and undoubting in my faith and love. Like a good loyal puppy I watch the window everyday for you to come for me, but you never came. I shut down any naysayers refuse to listen to anyone who could see so clear, something you knew caused my heart feeling.
Deafening was the slap across my face, put on display in full disgrace. Nobody to hold nobody to clean too hide behind or draw near. he did the one thing you promised not to the one thing I feared. I don't understand how the one that I loved so dear, put me in a constant state of fear. Never ever secure and never ever safe again. Nowhere to hide and now I'm dying inside. I can't explain for it so unclear you were the only one that could bring the destruction is near.
My love I never asked anything except for you to be honest and loyal too. You're the one that taught me of such things so ,I believe he knew..
You never came for me, that I continue to wait for you is my own foolishness and your fault is undue. I couldn't help myself so strong I believed and had faith in you I knew you didn't love me but I knew you respected that I loved you. Where did he go did you forget about me? I waited for you even more trying to sweep the pieces of my heart & soul off the floor. from dust I came dust I shall remain ,and still I waited for you.

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I Waited for you