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Everything Nice

a poem to, for, and about my granddaughter, Alanna

Sweet as Sugar
Strong as Spice
Little Girls are More
Than Everything Nice

Cute as a Button
Sharp as a Tack
Pretty as a Picture
On the Right Track

Pure as the Driven Snow
Summer Day Warm
Right as Rain
Takes the World by Storm

Wholesome as Apple Pie
Cool as a Vanilla Shake
One Smart Cookie
The Icing on the Cake

Brave as a Lion
Gentle as a Lamb
Proud as a Peacock
Happy as a Clam

Fresh as a Daisy
Tiny as a Seed
Beautifully Blooming
Growing like a Weed

Clean as a Whistle
Solid as a Rock
Straight as an Arrow
Secure as a Lock

Soft as a Cloud
A Star so Bright
Shines like the Sun
Or the Moon at Night

Colorful as Crayons
Always on the Ball
Never Lost her Marbles
She's a Living Doll!

Precious as Diamonds
Rare as a Pearl
Deeper than Rubies
A Gem is Every Girl

Made of Much More
Than Sugar and Spice
Little Girls can be Anything
Now isn't that Nice?!

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Everything Nice

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