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Appetite for Destruction

Tonight I ride a solitary train.
Fueled by destructive thoughts, off the rails in my brain.
There are no passengers, just me and the cargo.
But I can't get out, and no one is in control.

It's a subconscious torture, of my very being...
where I am the victim, and someone else is leading.

But the reigns are those of my very own thoughts,
questioning myself on what is and what's not.
My own critique is dark and absurd,
from within the train, solutions are blurred.
Steaming on at a devilish pace,
hoping my mind can survive this place.
Faster now, thoughts collide...fearful that no one is on my side.  
Chemical dissolution is now taking hold,
my knees buckle and begin to fold.
Now on the floor of this runaway train,
I cannot seem to shut off my brain.  

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Appetite for Destruction