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I Shoulder the Blame

As I sit and wonder, where it all went wrong,
I have thirteen and a half years to reflect back upon.
We both sacrificed as we intertwined our lives,
giving up joys, and hobbies that we liked.
Some were mutual, and those carried on,
but others were not, and they slowly fell off.
I just wanted to share with you,
all the things that I love.

Now I look back at opportunities that I missed,
things I could have done, that I simply dismissed.
I can't dance, and I surely can't sing.
Salsa dancing is impossible, when you have the rhythm of a tree.
My hips don't swing, they move like a rusty gate,
I try to keep time with the beat, but I am always too late.
Always afraid to make a fool of myself,
I watched you dance with others, and that hurt like hell.
Given the chance now, I would dance with you every day,
holding you close, in the most romantic way.
Hand in hand, with your head on my shoulder,
I should have tried harder; I should have been bolder.

You love amusement parks, roller coasters are your jam,
I ride them too, but we hardly ever went.
Getting my adrenaline from self-controlled speed,
shifting gears in my drifting machine.
You're not into cars, and that's okay,
it's my thing, and you were down to come with me anyway.

You were so easy going, and didn't speak up,
I thought you were enjoying the things that I loved.
Drifting events, chilling at home, some of the pubs,
I love these things, but I hated dance clubs.
High maintenance people, pretentious and rude,
everyone who wishes to be seen, is so full of attitude.
Not that I'm better, it just wasn't my scene,
but we still went for birthdays and things.

So, we agreed we would do things together,
sharing our interests could only make us better.
I wish you would have spoken up, I guess I missed the signals.
Reading subtle hints, is obviously a weakness.
Let me show you that I can change,
I absolutely see it now, and I shoulder the blame.

Original Work by: Shawn A.  

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I Shoulder the Blame