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The Basement of My Heart

In the darkest recesses, a place no one goes,
a deep, dank, musky room without windows.
The stairs lead down, but you can't get back up,
once descended, you are basically stuck.

It's creepy and scary, like the land of misfit toys,
a place where the darkness, strangles the joy.
The light can't escape, it's cold and alone,
And here I sit, with this feeling at home.

Self-confined to this terror, the land of misery,
led here by my faults, the negatives I couldn't see.
Now so afraid, she doesn't believe I am worth saving,
I sit in the depths, of my own hellish creation.

There is no rope, no way to the top,
the feeling of love, she must have forgot.
I wish I could remind her, place her back at the time,
when we were passionate about each other and everything was fine.

Long nights spent alone in each others embrace,
Singing love songs from Chiodos into your beautiful face.
The sparkle in your eyes mesmerizing, lips that make me quiver,
floating on clouds, each time I was with her.

Texting 'I miss you', even though I just left,
missing you more with each passing breathe.
It's not that I don't think I can live without you,
but if that's my option, why would I want to?
I might as well put myself in a box,
fully protected by guards and locks.
Never again to re-emerge,
all of the desire to love from my heart, has been purged.

Good company, I am afraid I will no longer be,
fully destroyed by the loss of you and me.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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The Basement of My Heart