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Thank You

I spoke to her last night, the first time in days,
excited to hear her voice and inquire on her stay.
Thousands of miles away physically, but held closely in my heart,
unable to concentrate of much of anything when we're apart.
Getting your response, the highlight of my night,
then I heard your voice, and I felt hope inside.
For the first time in a week, my face contorted a smile,
thank you for that, as mentioned, the first one in a while.
We spoke of your days, and what you've been doing,
what you have been seeing, and where you have been going.
So nice to hear from you and know you're doing well,
hopefully you'll get to check out the ocean, taking in the swell.
Or maybe you'll get to some check out some surfing,
riight near da beach, ...I hear the location is perfect.
You say your riding scooters to get around,
seeing the sights, and scooting through town.
I told her to check out the harbor, see the kissing sailor,
that's one location that I had wanted to take her.
Holding you closely, just like the iconic statue with his girl,
I would dip you for a kiss, forgetting the world.
But there are plenty of sights to see,
So, enjoy your adventure, we'll talk when you return to me.
Closing the call after an affectionate exchange,
'I love you & I miss you', and you said the same.
A flood of emotions, I could hardly contain,
but a healing effect, battling the pain.
To know there is hope, maybe we can work it out together,
Thank you again, you made my night so much better.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Thank You