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Rule #32: Enjoy The Little Things

Like an apocalypse upon us, this is the end,
but I'll take many things with me, never to forget.
Small tokens of affection that I will always remember,
until the end of days, not just mine, but forever.

A small touch as you walked by, a flirtatious smile,
true signs of emotion, regardless of your recent denial.
You have lost hope, and no longer see the way,
giving in to the feeling that nothing gold can stay.

Emotions crumbling, like a society on the brink,
or a ship full of passengers, aware they are destined to sink.
So I think of another, delightful little thought,
a surprise in the groceries, something you had bought.
To some that may seem silly, but I was on your mind,
so without asking, you bought me something I would like.
Not just like normal, but something special to me,
like a new dessert you had found, or a bag of Oreo cookies.

Things like that may seem small, but they matter very much,
little things to enjoy, when I no longer have your touch.
Times I can recall fondly whenever I'm feeling down,
which will likely be a lot, now that you are not around.

Little things will drive me forward, no I am not done,
one of my favorites, you and I working on my Nissan.
Straight from work, you were still wearing heels,
and down under the car, you were helping me for real.
Taking out a transmission and replacing the clutch,
this made me realize you were one in a million, loving you so much.

So I will enjoy the little things, the ones kept within,
mental videos locked away to be played again and again.
The dawn is getting closer now, I can see the sun setting,
our love is one that I will never be forgetting.
But for you the love has gone, leaving me large gaping scars,
I'll fill them with the little things and keep them inside my heart.  

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Rule #32: Enjoy The Little Things